Dark Goddesses



Find your Dark Goddesses

Go to Astro.com and select "Extended Chart Selection"

Select "Eris" from the list of Additional objects. DON'T select "Lilith" - this is an inaccurate Lilith. 

In the text box below, type "h13,h58,1181,100,399"

Locate the Dark Goddesses in your chart and/or in your list of planets.


A note on the how to find the three Liliths in your chart: 

Asteroid Lilith / the original wound = "Lilit"  (1181 in the list)

Waldemath Dark Moon Lilith = "Walde" 

Black Moon Lilith = "Lil (o)"


dark goddess.jpg

Journal Prompts

Reflect on your Goddess Archetypes with the prompts in the video presentation.


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