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An Astrological Activation Adventure for Spiritual Entrepreneurs with Eloise Meskanen.

Unlock Your Astrological Blueprint and Harness the Natural Cycles to Empower your authentic Self, Align Your life and business, share your gift and live your soul purpose.

what is your work? your role? business/parenting/employment

who are you? how do you show up in life?

what you want: simplicity, sustainability, authenticity, connection, joy, freedom, pleasure,

light grid activations / group ceremonies / ascension astrology /

empower your authentic self

align your life and business

Unfold your soul purpose

Active / yang. What’s the feminine language of this? Reconnecting to the Mother. Resting in the ebb and flow of life on planet earth. receiving and upgrading the codes to who you really are.

A refuge for spiritual entrepreneurs who want to unfold their unique soul purpose rather than follow someone else’s path. Anchor your upgraded astrological DNA. Dust off your truth. Remember your sacred name. Create Your True Life. The journey of the Sun with the Ascendant.

What’s your soul purpose? AC.

What’s your mission? Sun. And where are you coming from? Moon.

How do you perceive the world? Mercury.

What do you value? Venus. What do you desire? Mars.

What do you believe? Jupiter. What are you responsible for? Saturn.

What’s your sacred wound? Chiron.

Who a