Past & Future Life Cycles

Download and read the Playbook, and/or listen to the audio recoding (underneath the playbook image).

Watch the five how-to videos (further down the page) for a practical walk-through of the techniques.


Download the Playbook.

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Watch & Do: Create and Read an Ephemeris

See how to make your own ephemeris using and understand the data inside it.

Watch & Do: Finding planetary positions for the next 12 months

Find your transits for the year ahead (the next 12 months) by using an ephemeris - as shown in the video.

Watch & Do: Progressions

Create and understand your progressed chart - the evolution of your natal (birth) chart.

Watch & Do: Solar Arc Directions

Create and understand your Solar Arc Directions - another way to map the evolution of your birth chart.

Create your Solar & Lunar return charts, and see what they mean for your month and year ahead.

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