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do you wish you had a user manual for life?


You, my friend, are one of the brave soul stars of Earth.

You're on a quest to unlock your true self and share your soul gifts.

You'll slay dragons, scale mountains and wander dark forests as you reclaim your magic and medicine. 

Writing your own myth, the path you've chosen to walk is not for the faint-hearted...  But you're not alone...

Imagine holding a map of who you are and why you're here. 

In your hands are the keys to your destiny and the meaning of your life's adventure.

As you trace the sacred geometry of your soul's cosmic blueprint, you chart the timing of your steps, find the gold in your challenges, and activate your God-given gifts.

Instead of fumbling through the dark, your path is lit by the stars.

No one should leave home without the keys to their astrology chart. 

But if you're like most earthlings, you've forgotten how to read your own map...

That's why I created


So you can empower your authentic self, create your highest potential and live the mission you came here for?

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 A inspired online journey to be who you came here to be by learning the art & science of astrology.


know thyself - the shadow and light


brand your soul


use transits, progressions and life cycles

work with the life, rather than against it

align to the natural cycles

deeply connect to who you are and why you’re here

realise your soul mission and evolutionary purpose

understand your lessons and consciously resolve them


the unfoldment of YOU - ultimately, your purpose is spiritual -


Are you ready to:

Be your own cosmic guide and tap the wisdom of astrology in your daily life.

Take a journey of self-discovery into the heart and soul of who YOU really are.

Confidently own your superpowers and activate your authentic gifts.

Get clear on your purpose, mission and calling - so you can go out and live it.

Co-create your highest potential and weave your own destiny.

Stop trying to be someone else, and start loving yourself instead.

Manifest with the Sun, Moon and elements, and find your own flow between being and doing.

Stop pushing shit uphill against the universe and ride the wave of your evolution in style.



How it Works


You'll journey through nine monthly adventures (modules), available on each New Moon.


You'll unlock the code of your own birth chart, and see align your life to your authentic highest potential. 


 At the end of your adventure you'll have the keys to your destiny, and the skills to be your own astrologer for life. If you're a coach or healer, you can even weave astrology into your work and help your clients with this wisdom, too.



But isn't astrology really hard to learn?

Astrology doesn't have to be complicated or confusing. So often it can seem really intellectual and up in the clouds, but it's actually an elegant and intuitive system that can be simple and easy to use.

 I've designed the journey to be practical, creative, experiential and transformational - using a process I call Cosmic Alchemy.

You'll bring astrology to life, using the four elements of:

Air: mental understanding & communication

Water: emotions, imagination & healing

Fire: inspired action & creative expression

Earth: embodiment & physicality

As you journey through each different part of you, you'll transmute your shadow expressions and call in the highest expression of who you really are. This is way more potent than just learning information from the page.

Imagine making art, balancing your chakras, crafting rituals, re-writing your life story, creating spells and intentions, using essential oils and communing with your planetary guides as you sharpen your cosmic ninja skills - and unlock your soul gifts.



The Journey

Part 1: Live Your Purpose


Initiate yourself into your purpose: to be the best version of YOU. 

Learn the elegant language of of astrology, including the elements, signs, planets and houses.

Meet your planetary beings - the archetypal cosmic devas who you can co-create your life with.

Alchemise your highest potential, activate your superpowers and clear the blocks causing issues in your life.



Month 1: Activate Your Core Essence


Balance your four inner elements: emotions, intellect, action and physicality.

Walk the four directions of your life: Self, Home, Relationships and Career.

Journey to the Sun to shine your conscious star power and be your most brilliant self.

Feel into your Moon to nourish your emotional needs and care deeply for yourself and others.

Meet Mercury, your inner messenger, and discover how you think, learn and communicate.


Month 2: Empower your Divine Masculine & Feminine

venus mars.jpg

Activate your feminine Venus power to receive more love, abundance and pleasure.

Turn on your masculine Mars power to go out and get what you want like a warrior.


Meet Ceres, Pallas, Juno + Vesta: the Goddess Asteroids.

Explore the feminine archetypes of food/nourishment; wisdom/intelligence, marriage/fidelity and devotion/inner fire.

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Meet Lilith and her three faces - the Black Moon, Dark Moon, and asteroid.

Find the keys to integrating your untamed feminine power and healing her wound of repression.

Month 3: Merge with your Soul


Meet Jupiter, the God of expansion, wisdom and good fortune, and find your luckiest part of the zodiac.

Meet Saturn, your wise inner teacher, and see how he challenges you to become the master of your own life.

Explore Chiron, your inner wounded healer, and see how your greatest pain is the key to your healing gifts.


Awaken the genius of Uranus, the rebel and revolutionary, to break free ego conditioning.

Feel the bliss of Neptune, get clear on how you self-sabotage, and find your direct path home to Source.

Journey deep into your soul's mission and evolution with Pluto, and face your greatest fear to reclaim your power.


Walk your soul's path of evolution with the Moon's North and South Nodes, and discover what your soul incarnated to learn.

Part 2: Harness your Destiny

Take the reins of your life and move forward on your quest.

Work with your aspects to balance and integrate the many different parts of you.

Explore your past, present and future cycles, and find your place in the bigger picture of your life.

Discover the most important parts of your chart, and give readings to others with confidence.


Month 4: Your Sacred Shape

sacred shape.jpg

Understand what aspects are and how to work with them.

See the bigger picture of your chart - the major patterns and energy circuits that run though your life.

See how the harmonics of astrology relate to sacred geometry, great works of art and the divine mathematical ratios.

Use a powerful dialog exercise to stop internal struggles and bring harmony to your life.

Month 5: Past, Present & Future

past future.jpg

See the long-term perspective of your life's journey and cycles.

Work with your current transits, progressions and solar returns to make the most of where you are right now.

Chart your past transits and re-write your challenging experiences as a stage of your hero's journey.

Look into the future and prepare for what's coming next - 5, 10 and even 20 years ahead.

Month 6: Reading for Yourself & Others


Find the core essence, themes and meaning of a chart, and communicate what you see in an empowering and inspiring way.

See how to weave astrology into your work as a coach or healer.

Understand why you need to explore potentials rather than make predictions, to avoid the "fortune-teller" trap.

Activate your intuition to download the information you - or your clients - most need to receive right now.


Part 3: Co-Create with the Cosmos

Create your highest potential in life, love, family, work and money.

Use the solar, lunar and cosmic cycles to manifest holistic abundance.

Enhance your relationships, nurture your kids and finally understand your family so you can create the love you want.

Discover your personal global hotspots and power locations across the Earth.

Align your brand and business to your true self, and get paid to do what you love.



Month 7: Magic & Manifestation

Align to the Wheel of the Year to tap the gifts of each unique season.

Use the power of the Sun to set quarterly goals with the Equinoxes and Solstices.

Manifest with the Moon cycles to generate your desires and activate natural abundance.

Make the most of Mercury Retrogrades and avoid the fear and drama associated with these times.

Learn how to work with eclipses to powerfully transform and evolve your life.


Month 8: Relationships & Family

Read your kids charts to understand who they are, and how to raise them to be truly themselves.

Get insight into your parents and ancestors, and the family dynamics you've inherited.

Understand what you really need in a partner (and what your partner really needs), so you can improve your relationships.

Unlock your unique sexuality archetype to activate your sex drive and desire.

See how you give and receive love and own your authentic relationship patterns.

Month 9: Travel & Integration


Find your power spots and best locations on Earth, and plan your adventures for work, play, living or transformation.

Integrate your whole journey and see the entire pattern of who you are.

Set your intentions for the coming year as a more whole individual.

Go beyond your chart to the Source of who you are, and reconnect to your divine nature.


Plus: Bonus!

computer 2.jpg

Brand Your Soul Masterclass

Share your gifts and create your own version of success using your astrology.

Follow my Brand Your Soul process to align your business to your true self, and shine your authentic gifts to the tribe who needs them most. Discover your soul clients and niche, your unique charisma, and even how to stand out in the crowded online space using visual style elements that truly express who you are.


Extra Special Bonus:

Cosmic Alchemy Oracle Cards

You'll get mailed a deck of premium astrological oracle cards, featuring the signs, planets, asteroids, houses and more...

I've personally created these cards to express the energy and signature of each unique symbol. You'll use them to learn astrology in a creative and experiential way, and you can even use them to give yourself and others intuitive readings and download instant guidance from the cosmos.

Yours free when you join the SoulStar Collective.


How it all rolls out

You'll get:

A new adventure / module each New Moon for nine magical months. These will be delivered in your online portal.

Two live Q&A calls each month. To ask me questions, get guidance, explore your chart and understand other people's charts.

These will alternate between 11am Fridays, Australian time (Thursday 7pm NY, 4pm LA) and 4pm or 8pm Thursdays (Thursday 9am London, 10am Amsterdam). 

A private Facebook group. Giving you 24/7 access to feedback and insight from me and the other members.

Lifetime access to an online membership portal.  For the life of the course - which I expect to be at least several years.

Access to any future course upgrades and improvements.

AND a deck of Cosmic Alchemy oracle cards in the mail.

Plus... Live Events!

Because it's always better in-person, right? As a SoulStar Collective member, you'll be invited to special workshops and in-person events in Daylesford, Australia (December 2018), Byron Bay (2019).

Dates, times and locations TBC - the workshops are an additional cost.

Who is this For?

This journey is for people who want to adventure into who they are, why they're here, and how to use astrology to kick-ass along the way.

You don't need to know anything about astrology - everything will be explained as you go.

If you already have some star skills, you'll deepen what you know, integrate new perceptions and explore new ways of working with the stars and your own energy. Astrology is something you can live with, and journey with, for as long as you are here, and get more and more out of it each year. I've been doing this for almost 30 years and I feel like there's always more to explore.

You'll need to have some experience with personal development, and ideally you've practiced self-healing or self-transformation before. You need to have a basic familiarity with your own patterns and psyche to get the most out of this journey. If terms like shadow, projection, self-realisation etc make no sense to you, or you're not willing to own your  shit, you're not ready to join us yet.

Who is this Not For?

It's not for people who just want to dabble in superficial personality typing, or who want quick answers on how to fix their problems.

It's not for you if you want someone else (like me) to tell you who you are and what you ought to do with your life.

This is a journey to initiate YOURSELF into your own purpose, path and potential. It's a journey of self-discovery. I provide the map and the tools, you walk the path. You find your own meaning - that's the point of life: you're the expert on YOU. I just help you to learn the symbolic language of astrology so you can take ownership of your own myth and re-write it to the one you really want to be living.


In case we haven't met, I'm Eloise.


Growing up off-the-grid, in the forest, I was surrounded by the stars. Determined not to follow in the footsteps of my struggling hippie parents, I somehow saw that in order to create my own destiny I had to learn as much as possible about who I was, and how the world worked.

Staring at the night sky, I begged the Cosmos to tell me the meaning of life. Eventually, it answered my call.

I lost myself for long afternoons inside my mum's astrology books, decoding the meaning of my life and discovering the keys to my destiny.

Decades later, I began helping people all over the world align their lives, business, and missions to the highest potential of their divine blueprint. And now I'm passionate about empowering others to be their own cosmic guide.

I'm here to help you unlock the secrets of your soul's cosmic blueprint - without spending 30 years teaching yourself like I did.

Because the best way to do astrology is to live it for yourself, find your own meaning, and create your own myth.


Whether you're an astro-newbie, or have some star-skills already, you'll initiate yourself into who you are, and why you're here, so you can stay inspired to keep shining your own special light, and make the most of your time on planet earth.

I'd love to invite you to join me, and the other SoulStar Collective members, and make this year your most magical yet.

This is the culmination of three decades of astrology study and years of professional practice, and it's been my life's work to explore how to use astrology to create my own fate.

I believe every human on earth should have this insight into their own seed potential, and how to grow into the best that they can be.



As you climb life's peaks and valleys, you reach for your map to see where you've been, and what's coming next.

When you arrive at the crossroads of opportunity, you recalibrate to your own True North.

When there's a mountain to move, you call on your friends and allies; when you hit a wall, you check-in for a higher perspective.

And when you're ready to arrive at your destiny, you harness divine timing to get yourself there in style.


Kind words


I've had astrology readings before and often found them to be quite scattered or high level but this was not the case working with Eloise. 

I guess you can say I was truly impressed because I just signed up to work with her more intensively in the SoulStar Collective - I wouldn't want to learn the art of astrology from anyone else and I'm thrilled she is sharing her gifts with the world in this way.

Kathryn Hocking, Soulful Launching Strategist & Energy Medicine Practitioner.


My astrology session with Eloise was easily the best I’ve ever had. She has a special intuitive gift and ability to see your highest self and potential. I not only received powerful clarity which has helped me confidently step forward on my path. I also gained deep and profound insight into who I am on a spiritual and emotional level, which helped me heal and embrace the fullness of who I am. 
If you want clarity, understanding, and confidence in who you are, and how to bring your unique gifts to the world, I would highly recommend Eloise.

Simon Wing-Lun, Unconditional Love Healing Mentor.

Join Now


Best Value, Full Payment


12 month payment plan


As this is a special, one-off offer, with a significant discount on the regular price, there are no refunds for this intake.

This is an investment in your self-discovery and your lifelong relationship with astrology. I ask you to choose carefully and to only commit to this journey if you are willing to show up for yourself and your heart and soul say "Yes."

(You are welcome to work at your own pace during the journey- there's no pressure to keep up or finish at a certain time.)

If you do the work, you will reap the benefits!