Welcome to the SoulStar Collective.

Over the course you'll be exploring and empowering your special gifts and superpowers as you learn to practice the intuitive craft of  astrology. Personally, I can't wait to begin! Astrology has been my guiding light and I'm thrilled to be sharing the depth and magic of this wisdom with you.

It's my intention to tune in to your unique energy and needs over the next weeks and months to make this journey the most powerful and effective it can be for you.

Now, for some housekeeping!

The Facebook group: Click the button below to request access to the group, and you'll be added ASAP. 

Please note that the FB group is called The SoulStar Collective and will be changed to Cosmic Alchemy from late March.


The course program & materials:

All of the course modules are available in your online portal. The next upgrade of this course will be on April 5 when we begin the 2019 journey of Cosmic Alchemy.

You can access the course materials by clicking the button below.


If you have any questions,send me a message via the purple button below, or email hello@eloisemeskanen.com