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Do you want to create your own destiny rather than live someone else’s life?

Are you here to live your soul mission and share your authentic gifts with the world?

Becoming your true self is the journey of a lifetime - you'll slay dragons, scale mountains and wander dark forests as you uncover the deeply-hidden riches of your soul.

Imagine holding a map of who you are, and why you're here.

With it you can can chart your own course, find your own way and fulfil the destiny you incarnated for.

You can harness divine timing, stay true to who you are, and align your earthly life and business to your authentic self!

Your astrology chart is your user manual for life.

Instead of fumbling through the dark on your quest, your path is lit by starlight.


The problem is, most people don’t know how to read their own chart.

They live their whole lives wondering why life happens the way it does, how to “find” themselves, or what they’re meant to be doing with their one and only life. They end up walking someone else’s path rather than consciously creating their own.

But when you access the gold hidden inside your chart you can create the life and business you were born for.

Because you get a direct hotline to YOU - via archetypal code of your soul.

The question is…


Are you working with the You-niverse, or against it?

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Or more importantly, do you know how to apply the ancient wisdom of astrology to your modern-day life & business?

Imagine if you had the ability to harness the power of the cosmos to express your natural gifts, harness divine timing and align your life and business to your authentic highest potential?

Searching for the soul-level truth of your life, purpose and destiny? Deep-dive with Pluto and the Nodes for the direct meaning of why you came here at this time.

How about understanding the deeper meaning of your challenges and crises so you can stop resisting and go with the flow? Pay attention to your transits and progressions, the life cycles that tick beneath the surface of your life.

Maybe you’re planning some important projects in your business and want them to manifest with ease? Work with the Solar and Lunar cycles to set, nurture and harvest your goals and intentions.

Looking to connect at a deeper level with your friends and family? Use composite and synastry charts to understand who your loved ones really are, improve your relationships and create an abundance of love with the people who matter most.

Need to re-brand your business and express the real you? Brand Your Soul using the Sun, Moon and Angles, stand out as authentic and magnetic to your soul clients and finally feel like your real self in your business.

This is the essence of the ancient art and science of astrology in the modern age.

And with Eloise Meskanen’s signature deep-dive journey, Cosmic Alchemy, you’ll not just learn the language of astrology, but creatively apply it to your life and business so you can empower who you really are and live the mission you incarnated for.

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Hi, I'm Eloise Meskanen, an astrological mentor and magical strategist who helps spiritual entrepreneurs to empower their authentic selves and share their soul gifts, so they can play their unique role on Earth.

I’ve devoted most of my life to unlocking the mysteries of the stars, since discovering my mum’s astrology books as a kid. Growing up off-the-grid, in the forest, I’d ask the night sky:

“What is the Meaning of Life?

Now, I help soulful entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives all over the world find the meaning of their own lives, align to their purpose, path and gifts and be who they came here to be.

I believe no one should leave home without the keys to their astrology chart!

That’s why Ive condensed decades of personal study and years of professional practice into a unique astrology journey designed to help you navigate life on Earth in the 21st century.


Introducing, Cosmic Alchemy


An inspired and empowering 12 month online journey to weave the ancient wisdom of the stars into your everyday life.

Are you ready to be your own cosmic guide?

Here’s what you will be focusing on if you join us for the adventure:


Take a journey of self-discovery into the heart and soul of who you are and why you’re here.

Confidently own your superpowers and authentic gifts.

Stop trying to be someone else and start accepting and loving yourself the way you are.

Reconnect to your purpose, mission and calling so you can do what you came here to do.

Understand your life lessons and consciously resolve them.

Activate the positive expression of your planets and archetypes and release the shadow expressions causing issues in your life.

HARNESSing divine timing

Find your own flow by aligning to the planetary cycles - including eclipses, retrogrades, transits and progressions.

Stop pushing shit uphill against the universe and ride the wave of your evolution in style.

Find the meaning of your challenges and understand your current life cycles.

Be aware of upcoming power times to make the most of opportunities and navigate the tricky bits.


Stand out as authentic and magnetic by bringing your brand and business into resonance with who you really are.

Create your own version of success by understanding your strengths, weaknesses, values and desires.

Refine your messaging, marketing, pricing, offers and business model (as necessary) so you can create healthy, sustainable growth by sharing your gifts with the people who need them most.


Work with the creative power of the Sun to set seasonal goals and grow your abundance throughout the year.

Work with the Moon to set monthly goals and intentions and manifest with the lunar ebb and flow.

Plan your business and life with the lunar calendar to cultivate more ease, flow and abundance.

Feel supported and connected to the greater earth and cosmic cycles rather than struggling to keep up with artificial timelines and calendars.

This is more than just “information.” 

Using the the power of the Four Elements as a foundation, you’ll explore the mental, emotional, creative and physical dimensions of astrology - bringing the sacred language of the stars off the page, out of your head and into your heart and soul.



Understanding & Reflection



feeling & imagination



intuition & expression



embodiment & ritual


The journey’s designed to be practical, creative, experiential and transformational.

You'll express your archetypes through art, re-write your myths and life stories, journal with your planetary beings, use guided meditations, craft rituals and ceremonies, discover the astrology of essential oils and much more.


The Journey

month 1 - your core essence


Sun, Moon & Angles

Empower your inner hero - the Sun - and nurture your inner child - the Moon as you strive towards your unique purpose.

Walk your four directions - self, home, relationships and family.

Discover your unique brand charisma, soul tribe and archetypal style using the Brand Your Soul process.

Harness the seasonal cycles for growth and abundance and practice being with the natural ebb and flow of life.


month 2 - personal planets


Mercury, Venus & Mars

Make the most of Mercury retrogrades and harness the Venus and Mars cycles to influence your love life, abundance and energy.

Meet your inner messenger, lover and warrior and understand and empower how you think, value yourself, relate to others and take action to get what you want.

Use the power of the Word to rewrite your life script - and recreate yourself - based on what you truly desire.

Workshop your messaging and use Mercury’s spell-crafting skills to express what you do in your business.


month 3 - goddess asteroids


Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Lilith & the Dark Feminine

Explore the feminine asteroids and their significance in your life as bringers of wisdom, nourishment, devotion and fidelity.

Meet Lilith and her three faces - Black Moon, Dark Moon, and asteroid - and find the archetypal path to your wild feminine power.

Meet Eris, chaotic catalyst, Persephone, Queen of the Night, and Hekate, seer. How do these Dark goddesses work through you and what are their gifts and toll?

Learn how to work with your shadow and light archetypes to alchemise your reality.


month 4 - collective planets


Jupiter, Saturn & Chiron

Track the transits of Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron to understand your cycles of growth, achievement and healing.

Meet your inner guru for luck and abundance, teacher for boundaries and mastery and shaman to find the gifts in your sacred wound.

Creatively express your vision for the future and release what’s standing in your way.

Own your gifts as a healer and mentor and workshop your marketing, PR and systems to make a practical impact in your business.


month 5 - transpersonal planets


Uranus, Neptune, Pluto & Nodes

Work with the transits of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Nodes to find your times of radical change, spiritual surrender, death and rebirth and evolutionary growth.

Meet your inner individualist, mystic and transformer and understand their roles as the awakeners of ego-soul connection and bringers of collective evolution.

Blend an essential oil perfume to balance and empower your North & South Node path and integrate the crucial lessons you came here to learn.

Tap into the bigger role you’re here to play and how your business can be a vehicle for revolution, compassion and transformation in the world.


month 6 - aspects


Inner Alchemy

Understand aspects - the relationship between each planet in your chart - and how they’re key to being the driver of your chariot.

See how the harmonics of astrology relate to sacred geometry, great works of art and divine mathematical ratios.

Find the gifts and challenges in your chart shape and harness the energy circuits that influence your life.

Use a powerful dialog exercise to mediate internal conflicts and come back into balance when you have stressful planetary aspects.


month 7 - intuitive reading


Guiding Yourself & Others

Learn how to find the core essence, themes and meaning of a chart when you’re working with friends or clients.

Use the astrology cards to lay out your chart out and practice intuitive readings.

See how to weave astrology into your work as a coach or healer and the unique way it sets you apart.

Activate your intuition and learn how to use meditation to receive insights from the the chart.


months 8 + 9 - transits + progressions


Cycles, Timing & Planning

Work with your current transits, progressions and returns to make the most of where you are now.

Chart your past transits and re-write your challenging transitions as a stage of your hero's journey.

Look into the future and prepare for what's coming up - 5, 10 and even 20 years ahead.

Forecast and organise your year ahead for 2020 at a transits and planning workshop in the New Year.


month 10 - relationships


Interpersonal Alchemy

Discover how to use synastry & composite charts to empower and understand your relationships with other people.

Explore family astrology for insight into your kids and their destiny, what your sibling relationships mean and how you get along with your parents.

See what you need in love, sex, dating and marriage and what your partner needs in return.

Learn what makes your employees and employers tick, and what to look for in a business partner.


month 11 - travel + relocation


Find Your Global Power Spots

Did you know that each place on earth resonates with you differently and you can map this for yourself?

Discover the magic of relocation astrology and astro-cartography and create your own archetypal adventure map.

Find your hot spots for travel, living and adventure - even the locations for life-changing retreats and events


month 12 - magic + manifestation


The Natural Laws of Abundance

Plan your upcoming year with the solar and lunar rhythms.

Tap the power of the Four Elements and Planetary Days to bring more magic into your life.

Learn a hermetic practice to transform what you don’t want into what you want.


Plus, You’ll Also Get These Special Bonuses To Empower and Support Your Journey:



A handy journal and workbook to record your insights



Use them for intuitive readings, divination, experiential and embodied chart work and as an aid for learning the archetypes and symbols.

A set of my special Cosmic Alchemy astrology cards, which you’ll use for divination, intuitive readings, learning the astrological symbols, and even laying your chart out on the floor and stepping into it like a cosmic medicine wheel.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 12.17.15 PM.png


All Nine Modules + Bonuses from Last Year’s Live Group Astrology Program - So You Can Dive Into The Topics You Want to Explore Right Away

Aligned Calendar Cover.jpg


A Digital Calendar to Help You Stay Aligned to the Solar & Lunar Cycles For The Next 12 Months




+ When does the course start?

The first module opens on May 7.

+ How much does it cost?

For this priceless investment in fulfilling your authentic purpose and destiny, you can get started for as little as $97 / month.

+ Is it suitable for beginners?

Yes, absolutely! The course will help you learn the basic and intermediate skills of astrology step-by-step.

Maybe you’ve got absolutely no idea what all those strange lines and symbols on your chart mean, but you know this wisdom offers a key to your path and you must know all the things?

Or maybe you've spent time unlocking pieces of your cosmic code already, but need help to see the bigger picture and tie it all together?

Join us! This is the course for you.

+ I already know a bit about astrology - will this be too basic for me?

Not at all.

Maybe you've worked intimately with your own chart for years and desire to spend a whole yearlong immersion re-walking the labyrinth of your life.

Maybe you want a fresh perspective on working with the natural cycles or to bring more of your authentic self into your business.

You'll get heaps out of this course and deepen your pre-existing knowledge alongside others on the same path.

+ Will I have time for this?

To get the most out of this journey you'll want to invest an hour or two per week (or one day per month) to read, listen, watch and explore the content and activities.

+ Isn't astrology really hard to learn?

Astrology doesn't have to be complicated and confusing - it's an elegant symbolic language that makes a lot of sense once you master the basics.

We'll use an intuitive yet systematic process to explore each symbol, archetype and topic. You'll have access to 24/7 support in the group so you can ask questions and reach out for help when you need it.


Here’s what OTHERS have to say:


I felt called to study astrology in 2018 but I wasn't sure why. I had experienced a couple of astrology readings with Eloise and I already knew she was an amazing astrologer with a deep skill for imparting knowledge. So when I saw her launch a luxurious and deep astrology training it was a no brainer for me to sign up.

Eloise truly delivered on my expectations and the materials were detailed and beautiful and the journey was full of depth and integrated with plenty of time to absorb each module. Eloise provided amazing support in the Facebook group and her personal insights were worth the cost of the course!

Coming to the end of the program I now understand myself and my family so much better, I plan my months and year using the astrology skills I have learned and I am now doing intuitive astrology readings for my premium clients and they love them.

I see astrology being a pivotal part of my business in the future and it has given me so much on a personal level. I've connected with who I really am, I have an astrology based planning process, I understand working with new moons and full moons in a whole new way because I understand the personality and influences of each moon event. I plan to continue my astrology journey next year and beyond and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

I have no hesitation in recommending this program to anyone wanting to study astrology - for themselves or to bring into their work.

- Kathryn Hocking, Business, Launch & Soul Purpose Astrologer & Launch Strategist


Coming across Eloise has been life transformational! I am so grateful for her style of connection to the stars and then expressing the teachings in her profound way. Learning from Eloise has gone beyond any expectations I could have imagined. I felt that astrology went over my head, I could never remember any information that I would learn about it even though I felt for a long time that one day I would sit down and learn it.

I had many limiting beliefs that there was just too much information to remember and that I couldn't possibly grasp it in an applicable way to my life. And then I came across one of Eloise's blogs and I just dived straight in as her student from then on.

Having found Eloise to learn from, has been a true gift to me as I really believe I couldn't have learnt it in the way I have in such a fun, inspiring and deep way.

It has truly changed my life! I now deeply understand how connected I am (and all of us) to the stars and planets in a way where I can move through my challenges with grace and acknowledgement because I am forever divinely guided.

Thanks Eloise!

- Lauren Jobson, NLP, Matrix Therapies & Archetypal Trainer & Coach.


Learning astrology with Eloise has been incredibly supportive for me during 2018, a year where I confronted a number of personal challenges.

Eloise delivers the course with an emphasis on personal intuition and self enquiry, there is no dogma in the way she teaches. Eloise has a talent for expressing the language of the stars so eloquently and articulately. I found the course extremely well planned and the content was rich, but not overwhelming. I was always inspired to continue diving into each module - there was no waning of interest (which can sometimes happen in an online course!).

There were practical exercises with each module to help embody the teachings which was absolutely affirming.

I learnt a lot about myself during the course and about those close to me, this alone is so powerful and healing. To be able to understand ourselves with more depth is a gift, thanks Eloise.

- Clancy Allen, Birth and Postnatal Doula and Yoga Teacher


I have been following and drooling over Eloise's work for years so when she opened up her course I had to join! I had no idea that there was so much to learn when dived into astrology. I was mind-blown from day one. Not only about the content but about how much insight into myself and my loved ones I could get from learning this material! This course is life changing! Eloise is also a great teacher who wants you to 'get this' and will support you all the way!

- Karin Monster-Peters, Energy Healer and Life Purpose Coach for the Highly Sensitive and the Gifted


I had been following Eloise's blog for years and when she offered a year ahead reading, I jumped on it! She always was so spot on with how the energies of each new moon and full moon were moving in her posts that I was excited to do a reading. It was SO incredibly insightful and resonated for me so much that when her astrology program opened up, it was such an easy yes. I can without hesitation say that I have learned so much about how to read my own chart, the archetypes of the signs and planets and most importantly how to look at my own personal transits to understand better what is happening in my life. I've always loved astrology and using it to support my own purpose in the world continues to be eye opening. I also have been able to use it to support friends and clients which has been wonderful and empowering. Eloise's style is also very open and responsive which I have so appreciated throughout the class and in working together. If you are looking for an astrology course with beautifully laid out, super informative content and an incredibly intuitive guide, I highly recommend joining! 

- Manisha Tare, Emotional Guide and Mentor


When I signed up I had very little knowledge of astrology and now 9 months later I really feel well rounded in the foundation of astrology. I feel confident and capable to speak in the astrology language that is required to express to someone what’s going on in current times or in their birth chart.

It’s a great place to start if your wanting to learn the basics and then know that there is always more that Eloise can teach if you ask!

Eloise’s nature is very gentle. She is super calm and easy to relate to. I always felt she was approachable and I could ask any questions! For me that’s what makes a good teacher and is want is making me come back for more!!!

Thank you Eloise for always being passionate and available to help! Astrology is like a road map and guides me through life. I lean on it so much to help me understand why I’m feeling what I’m feeling. You’ve giving me the gift of understanding my unique blueprint and I hope to do the same for others, especially through these massive transformational times!!!!

- Dr Nadja Ostro of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pre and Post natal specialist.


As always a massive gratitude and appreciation for your work and the contribution you’ve made in creating your online program, I can't thank you enough for the change its had on me - it’s totally shifted me from being stuck in automatic response to my environment to becoming a co-creator of this magnificent cosmic expression.
Thank you for that and know you have played such a pivotal and influential role in my life. Since meeting you and working with you as client and also as a student you helped facilitate my conscious awakening to the cosmic influences and opened the door to the astrological arcanum to discover the keys to unlocking my truth and orient me towards the Path of Return.

Cannot thank you enough, absolutely changed my life.

- Ben McGregor


Working with Eloise over the last nine months has been such a heart opening experience! I loved that every month I deepened my understanding of astrology and of myself. The learning materials are beautiful and comprehensive. I loved the exercises where we embodied our charts, or created art that represented an aspect of ourselves. Eloise has such an intuitive approach to astrology. Chart reading becomes much more about the unique story of the individual than analysing angles… although this is important too.

The biggest gift of this course has been greater understanding of my relationship with my husband. After years of wondering how I can change the relationship we have, I now appreciate gifts beneath the surface that prior to this program, I was unable to see!

Thank you so much Eloise.

- Shiona Long


I have recently completed the course with Eloise and I seriously LOVE it.. she is practical and spiritual, she has so much wisdom and knowledge.. I love how much she gives and the workbooks are really full of valuable nuggets. I love the embodiment practices, it really helps you connect with the archetypes in the conscious and unconscious mind. Id highly recommend this wonderful course to anyone who not just want to learn astrology but to deepen their self awareness.. it is a truly magical experience.

Angela Fogarty


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Fortnightly group Q&A calls for a year, full course access, private Facebook group and all the bonuses.

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Enrolments close june 25

This is the last time I’ll be running this course live and the last time I’ll be offering a 12 month astrology mentorship for a few years.

Are you ready for the keys to your destiny?


I highly recommend Eloise as a mentor, teacher and astrologer. Her course is brilliant, I studied astrology 20 plus years ago and have always used it, this was far better than I expected and has been perfect to anchor deepen my knowledge.

For beginners you are given a wonderful selection of worksheets and workbooks to use, this makes a massive difference in getting a handle on the world of stars above us.

I loved using the cards as an oracle deck, randomly pulling 1-3 cards to see what energies I was given to work with, an excellent tool to receive a more intimate understanding of the signs, the planets, the elements and so on.

I love how much you can learn and understand about self, partners, friends, family and clients.

Eloise is a divine soul and you will love this course!

- Julie Nelson, Artisan Perfumer.